Pi times five

So I went down to Philly the Saturday after Thanksgiving to see the family. We went to see Life of Pi--in 3D.  The movie is closely based on a book a gave big Lamarr years ago. Tahija and little Lamarr read it too. We had a good time. Played a 5 hour Monopoly game after the movie. Tahija served a great pasta dish that fueled me up for the drive home. Everyone is doing well in school except Damear. Little Lamarr won awards for math and English, and Mahddy's doing good in English while recovering from s broken growth plate in his knee. A football injury, it sidelines him for the wrestling season, which is a bummer since he loves wrestling and excels at it. Have to wait for next year.

Big Jamarr and I talked a bunch about movies.  I wish we could get back to our movie review blog. I'll campaign for it. Really enjoy his views on films.  Here's the blog.