radio interview # 5

They call you a few minutes before you go on and you sit listening to the traffic report or the guest before you or whatever. This time it was the country song “God bless the broken road that led me straight to you.”

I liked it, but worried I was in for another tilt-the-whirl ride with a Christian Right host. My media research assistants (Kaki & Kaki) hadn't said anything about that!

So be it then, I thought – a chance to a) come out right off and b) get better at volleying black-teen-parents stereotypes.

But Live with Lisa, while of indeterminate politics, wasn’t agenda driven, and it sure wasn’t homophobic and in-your-face racist (though she did want to get to victim-blaming as quicky as possible). We had a good talk. I got to tell the story. Lisa got to tell the world (or her New Haven Connecticut audience anyway) that she has polyovarian syndrome (like Tahija) AND a young woman of color in her extended-by-love family.

Notice how it’s now something us white people brag about - having a multi-racial family. And more than that, this Lisa Wexler bragged about helping that sort-of niece score an extension ladder of a NYC internship. Extended family extending the priv-i-lege, sharing the wealth. Yeah.

Kaki was sitting on the sofa holding me in the Light the whole time. She thought it was the best interview yet. We got double the time promised, and when it was done the sun came out after three days of grey. Ok, not a sign, I’m just saying....

What it was doing over in Connecticut, where my voice had just spilled out of a few thousand radios, I don’t know. Shining too, I hope, with that certain slant of light that makes people want to, you know, go buy a book they never heard of before.